>Grand opening!

>I’ve finally graduated from the myspace only blogging, and started one of my own official blogs. I’ll include a little bit of background and the purposes behind starting this page.

I’ve always been a freedom-loving type, and I’ve always admired the founders of this great nation and their inspired Constitution, Declaration of Independence and their quotes. Particularly because my public education left gaping holes when it came to their true mindsets, philosophy and natural law. However, I’ve made it a goal to fill it in.

During my studies, I’ve heard much, You may not believe or understand everything that I will post, but look at it from an unbiased position with an open mind and if you find the true facts to contradict me, I’d be glad to see it. I do my best to investigate whatever I come across, but you must realize that a lot of these ideas may be taboo or even repressed, making concrete evidence difficult to find at least, and most possibly intentionally obscured, overlooked or downright lied about.

I’m not going to start off easy, but I will do what I can to post from a logical standpoint and include links and explanations wherever possible.

I hope you find my content interesting!

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