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Constitution Day!

September 17th, 2008 by Matt Hawes

On this day in 1787, the Philadelphia Convention signed off on the Constitution, thereby sending it to the states for ratification. Delaware would be the first to approve it on December 7, 1787, and New Hampshire’s ratification on June 21, 1788, would make it the law of the land for the nine states that had ratified it to that point..

Ratification was not an easy process, as the Federalists and Anti-Federalists engaged in a fierce debate over what the new Constitution represented and what kind of a nation America would become. (Time has validated the concerns of the Anti-Federalists that the new government would get out of control despite any constitutional limitations..) You can get a glimpse of this debate by reading the case made by both sides – The Federalist Papers and The Anti-Federalist Papers..

One site you can visit that is loaded with information on the Constitution is www. constitutionfacts. com.. (And you can test your constitutional knowledge here..)

Obviously, with all the bailouts and other unconstitutional acts taking place, it can be depressing to imagine what the Founders would think of what has happened to their constitutional Republic. However, more people are waking up everyday (the financial crisis is greatly helping with that), and our movement is growing stronger. Today, we should reflect on the principles that made this nation great and that can restore that greatness both domestically and in the eyes of the world. We can restore our Constitution if we stick together and keep working to spread the message..

(And it wouldn’t hurt to call your representative and senator’s offices today and remind them of their duty to uphold the Constitution..)

http://www. campaignforliberty. com/blog/?p=541

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