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Reboot Society: Is your ‘eyePhone’ watching you?

April 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Yes. Your sparkling new Iphone is keeping a comprehensive log of your locations, movement patterns. Not only that but it has the capability to become a hidden microphone and camera during your most private moments, as well as potentially recording your online activity and telephone conversations. It gets worse. Any of this info can be retrieved by Apple at the government’s request, without warrant, since by using the phone and/or applications you have signed away any right to privacy, even when the phone is ‘off’.

This may not be an issue for many people, who are believing Apple’s lame excuse of quality improvement, or even those who believe it will be useful for catching ‘criminals’ and/or ‘terrorists’. The “but I dont have anything to hide” crowd would be well advised to listen to Ben Franklin,  who replied to this kind of statement with his famous quip, “Those who would trade liberty for security deserve neither.” Strong words, but they ring with a resounding truth.

How long until these devices are abused, rather than being used for protection from crime be used to record minor offenses, and turned into revenue collecting devices? How about using the phone to record any time the phone is moving over seventy five miles per hour, and sends an alert to highway patrol including GPS coordinates, and direction of travel? Or maybe just email you a ticket? It would be easily doable with existing technology. How about sending an alert if your phone sits at a local bar for a couple hours and then starts driving again? Maybe they will make the excuse of child protection, If you child starts screaming or crying, and automated alert goes to CPS? Government applications that report anything suspicious, providing a quick notification if you see anybody doing anything against the “law” which is instituted to replace morality and institute fines for any benign offense? Agency and morality would go out the door, antiquated concepts not required in this Orwellian “New world order.” It seems like a long stretch, but it could easily happen. You have to protect your rights BEFORE they are being abused!

Droid users? We have the same problem. Only difference is that we can remove our batteries when we don’t want to be under surveillance!

Link to news article: 

Edit: Well, looks like another source. Cops Already Using Iphone Location Data


Mother engaged by SWAT for refusing to medicate Daughter.

April 17, 2011 1 comment

A mother in Detroit, Maryanne Godboldo is a 56 year old African American who decided to home school her disabled daughter Ariana, who was born with a rare foot disease resulting in amputation. Upon turning 13, she came to the conclusion that she would enjoy more social exposure and Maryanne set out to enroll her in a public school. The schools in Michigan have policies, like many other states, that require all students to receive vaccinations. They do not openly advertise that there are waivers and that vaccines are, in fact not required by any law. Maryanne went ahead and got her daughter’s shots updated and took the certificate to the school.

The girl started acting strangely, according to her aunt Penny Godboldo. “She began acting out of character, getting irritated, and having vacial grimaces that have been associated with immunizations,” she told the local newspaper. The Michigan Citizen quotes penny saying “There were absolutely no mental issues untill she had the immunizations and even more with the Risperidal. Its been hell ever since.”

Maryanne, beside herself at her daughter’s new behaviors, sought help. The help she recieved was prescription medication, namely Risperdal, a powerful drug prescribed to pediatrics for schizophrenia, autistic disorder irritability or Bipolar disorder.

Wanting to do what was best for her child, Maryanne started administering the pills. Later on, She reported to family members that all of the symptoms got worse, including the behavioral issues. The girl’s father, Mubarak Hakim said that she was doing much better as she was weaned off of the medicines.

This is very easy to believe, just look at a list of a few side effects of the Risperdal:

Serious Reactions

  • hypotension, severe
  • syncope
  • extrapyramidal symptoms, severe
  • tardive dyskinesia
  • neuroleptic malignant syndrome
  • hyperglycemia, severe
  • diabetes mellitus
  • seizures
  • priapism
  • stroke
  • TIA
  • QT prolongation
  • hypersensitivity rxn
  • anaphylactic rxns
  • angioedema
  • erythema multiforme
  • leukopenia
  • neutropenia
  • agranulocytosis
  • suicidality
  • hypothermia
  • hyperthermia
  • neonatal extrapyramidal sx (3rd trimester)
  • neonatal withdrawal (3rd trimester)

Common Reactions

  • somnolence
  • appetite incr.
  • fatigue
  • rhinitis
  • URI
  • nausea/vomiting
  • cough
  • urinary incontinence
  • salivation
  • constipation
  • fever
  • extrapyramidal effects
  • dystonia
  • abdominal pain
  • anxiety
  • dizziness
  • dry mouth
  • tremor
  • rash
  • akathisia
  • dyspepsia
  • tachycardia
  • weight gain
  • visual disturbances
  • hyperprolactinemia
  • confusion
  • gynecomastia
  • photosensitivity

Very serious and risky drug there. I would not want anybody I knew taking that stuff! Look at the link for interactions/contraindications as well as many other facts about Risperdal.

Because she was weaning her daughter off of this dangerous psychiatric medication, and CPS arrived to remove the child from her care under the guise of “failure to medicate”. Obviously, Maryanne refused to hand her child over, and retreated into her house, barring the door. CPS called local police, Who attempted to kidnap the child from the care of her mother. (“Kidnap” because as Godboldo’s attourney pointed out, It appears that the police had no warrant or court orders to remove the child, Just a request from Child Protective Services, who’s documentation appears to be incomplete, and never approved  by a court.)

Upon opening the door to the residence, Police report being fired upon as they attempted to enter. They retreated and called a SWAT team. One cannot really blame her if, in fact she did fire upon the would be kidnappers breaking through her door to steal her daughter. However, whether she did or did not shoot a weapon is being debated throughout different media sources.

During the 10 hour showdown, Child protective services and Law enforcement made many false promises to con Maryanne into surrender. Neighbors, friends and family talked to her, trying to reach an agreement. Finally, upon the condition that the daughter be released to a relative, Maryanne gave up. The little girl was wisked away to Hawthorn Juvenile Center without any relatives and Maryanne arrested and charged with several felony crimes.

Here we are about a month later, Ariana is still in the custody of the Child Protective Services, despite many of her family being willing and able to take custody of her. Further, There are reports in local papers about abuse being inflicted upon her. The Godboldo family has filed legislation to get her back in their custody. Everything is moving in the right direction as I read it now.

The Government, CPS, Police or anybody besides parents has NO say in what you give your child when it comes to medication. We cannot allow ourselves to be goaded into poisoning our youth. Already are already lost by abortion, drugs and social pressures. Raising strong and moral children is one sure way to preserve our liberties and maintain a free society. Public school systems are not much better than political brainwashing. Keep an eye on what your kids are learning about and supplement it as well as you can if you cannot home school. Your children do NOT belong to the government and we have to get that through their heads. Don’t submit to Vaccines, Medications. Don’t tolerate your rights as parents to be second to the demands of the communist state. Do what YOU believe is best for your children, and don’t sell them short because of how convenient it is to pawn them off on the public schools.

I’d better relax. Little bit of ranting here! Thanks!

I referenced a few articles here are links to sites with more information.

>Secession and slavery.

September 15, 2008 Leave a comment

>Took this from, think about it and enjoy!

Secession and Slavery

by Scott McPherson

An interesting commentary, “Lincoln, Secession, and Slavery” by Tibor Machan, published by the Cato Institute on June 1, 2002, was recently brought to my attention. I should say at the outset that I have long been a fan of Machan, and have the utmost respect for his positions. I just think he got it way wrong here.

Machan writes that the secession of the Southern states was ultimately an illegitimate act because “there is that undeniable evil of slavery.” Despite Lincoln’s own racist views, he was allegedly acting in the interests of the slaves, who were “unwilling third parties” to the secession, and therefore was “a good American” for destroying the Confederacy and slavery.

According to Machan,

[W]hen one considers that the citizens of the union who intended to go their own way were, in effect, kidnapping millions of people – most of whom would rather have stayed with the union that held out some hope for their eventual liberation – the idea of secession no longer seems so innocent. And regardless of Lincoln’s motives – however tyrannical his aspirations or ambitious – when slavery is factored in, it is doubtful that one can justify secession by the southern states.

So we can safely ignore Lincoln’s motives – “however tyrannical” [!] – because the motives of the “Southern rebels” were allegedly worse?

“[S]omething had to be done about [slavery],” writes Machan. “And to ask the slaves to wait until the rest of the people slowly undertook to change the Constitution seems obscene.” Machan acknowledges that the offending action was legal under the Constitution, but advocates and cheers an illegal and aggressive policy to rectify it because the normal, slow processes of constitutional change “seem obscene.”

Doesn’t that sound familiar?

In a habeas corpus proceeding in 1771, Lord Mansfield, Chief Justice of the King’s Bench, ordered the release of a slave named James Sommersett who had accompanied his master on a trip to England. Mansfield reasoned that while slavery was legal elsewhere, England had no law “so odious.” Nevertheless, it would be almost 40 more years before the slave trade was abolished in the rest of the British Empire, and slavery was not outlawed altogether until 1833.

Great Britain’s slaves were very much expected to “wait … to change the Constitution.” Yet, slow as it came, change did come.

Following the wisdom of the Magna Carta reissued by King Henry III in 1225, which promised the benefits of legal custom to promote freedom, serfdom was eroded and eventually abolished completely over the course of 600 years by English courts.

On this foundation, Lord Mansfield took the same approach to slavery, stating that “Whatever inconveniences, therefore, may follow from the decision, I cannot say [slavery] is allowed or approved by the law of England; and, therefore, the black must be discharged.” With this ruling James Sommersett walked away a free man, as did other slaves held in bondage in England at that time. But, as stated above, this was only the beginning of the change. It would take sixty-two more years for England’s domains to be completely rid of the scourge.

The American colonies, and later the U.S. states, were following the same path. Throughout the 18th century, attempts were made by colonial legislatures to limit slavery and the slave trade. The obstruction of these laws by the King and Parliament were among the grievances of the colonists.

After the Revolution, the Northern states gradually began abolishing slavery. In the South, where slavery was much more entrenched, the process was moving more slowly. But it was moving. Major reforms to slavery were debated in the Virginia legislature in 1830. More important, throughout the first half of the 19th century Southern courts were chipping away at the evil institution – just as English courts and legislators had chipped away at villeinage and slavery. Moreover, by allowing the Southern states to secede, the United States could have accelerated the demise of slavery by providing a haven for runaway slaves.

However, this isn’t good enough for Machan. To ask slaves to wait would have been “obscene.” So the obscenity of hundreds of thousands of dead Americans – whites and blacks alike – as well as the total undermining of our constitutional Republic and the horrible destruction of war is somehow justified.

According to Machan, the Southern states could not legitimately secede because they were taking along “hostages” who would have preferred to stay in a “union that held out some hope for their eventual liberation.” Yet it is clear that “eventual liberation” was already on its way.

Machan has backed himself into a difficult corner here. If liberation was coming too slowly, then what about the those slaves who would have preferred the presumably quicker liberation that was coming under the British government but who were nonetheless swept away as hostages to the American Revolution? If, as Machan states, “secession cannot be justified if it is combined with the evil of imposing the act on unwilling third parties,” then wouldn’t Lord Mansfield’s ruling, coming 5 years before the Declaration of Independence, mean that American independence in 1776 could not be justified either?

September 13, 2008