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Available at your local grocery store! Water with an added Brain Inhibitor

April 12, 2011 Leave a comment


Eliminate your child’s conformity problems down the road. Use this product in you’ll be guaranteed a docile, controllable child who will submit to the propaganda in school without expensive prescription drugs. This is a great product for those trapped on well water, those unfortunate enough to live in small towns with no treated city water system. For the low price of $1.28 per gallon, your child will remain dumb enough to thrive in public school systems nationwide. They will readily believe anything on the news, and best of all they will never question “authority”. Your child will never be burdened with things like common sense or critical thinking! For best results combine with television programs designed for infants and the recommended vaccines. It’s great! You won’t even have to raise your own children! Don’t waste money on expensive psychotropic drugs, fluoridated water will solve all those problems before they ever arise.

If you think this article sounds good, you probably already drank too much fluoridated water.

Please research the consequences of sodium fluoride. And definitely do not give it to your kids!