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Reboot Society: Is your ‘eyePhone’ watching you?

April 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Yes. Your sparkling new Iphone is keeping a comprehensive log of your locations, movement patterns. Not only that but it has the capability to become a hidden microphone and camera during your most private moments, as well as potentially recording your online activity and telephone conversations. It gets worse. Any of this info can be retrieved by Apple at the government’s request, without warrant, since by using the phone and/or applications you have signed away any right to privacy, even when the phone is ‘off’.

This may not be an issue for many people, who are believing Apple’s lame excuse of quality improvement, or even those who believe it will be useful for catching ‘criminals’ and/or ‘terrorists’. The “but I dont have anything to hide” crowd would be well advised to listen to Ben Franklin,  who replied to this kind of statement with his famous quip, “Those who would trade liberty for security deserve neither.” Strong words, but they ring with a resounding truth.

How long until these devices are abused, rather than being used for protection from crime be used to record minor offenses, and turned into revenue collecting devices? How about using the phone to record any time the phone is moving over seventy five miles per hour, and sends an alert to highway patrol including GPS coordinates, and direction of travel? Or maybe just email you a ticket? It would be easily doable with existing technology. How about sending an alert if your phone sits at a local bar for a couple hours and then starts driving again? Maybe they will make the excuse of child protection, If you child starts screaming or crying, and automated alert goes to CPS? Government applications that report anything suspicious, providing a quick notification if you see anybody doing anything against the “law” which is instituted to replace morality and institute fines for any benign offense? Agency and morality would go out the door, antiquated concepts not required in this Orwellian “New world order.” It seems like a long stretch, but it could easily happen. You have to protect your rights BEFORE they are being abused!

Droid users? We have the same problem. Only difference is that we can remove our batteries when we don’t want to be under surveillance!

Link to news article: 

Edit: Well, looks like another source. Cops Already Using Iphone Location Data


Mother engaged by SWAT for refusing to medicate Daughter.

April 17, 2011 1 comment

A mother in Detroit, Maryanne Godboldo is a 56 year old African American who decided to home school her disabled daughter Ariana, who was born with a rare foot disease resulting in amputation. Upon turning 13, she came to the conclusion that she would enjoy more social exposure and Maryanne set out to enroll her in a public school. The schools in Michigan have policies, like many other states, that require all students to receive vaccinations. They do not openly advertise that there are waivers and that vaccines are, in fact not required by any law. Maryanne went ahead and got her daughter’s shots updated and took the certificate to the school.

The girl started acting strangely, according to her aunt Penny Godboldo. “She began acting out of character, getting irritated, and having vacial grimaces that have been associated with immunizations,” she told the local newspaper. The Michigan Citizen quotes penny saying “There were absolutely no mental issues untill she had the immunizations and even more with the Risperidal. Its been hell ever since.”

Maryanne, beside herself at her daughter’s new behaviors, sought help. The help she recieved was prescription medication, namely Risperdal, a powerful drug prescribed to pediatrics for schizophrenia, autistic disorder irritability or Bipolar disorder.

Wanting to do what was best for her child, Maryanne started administering the pills. Later on, She reported to family members that all of the symptoms got worse, including the behavioral issues. The girl’s father, Mubarak Hakim said that she was doing much better as she was weaned off of the medicines.

This is very easy to believe, just look at a list of a few side effects of the Risperdal:

Serious Reactions

  • hypotension, severe
  • syncope
  • extrapyramidal symptoms, severe
  • tardive dyskinesia
  • neuroleptic malignant syndrome
  • hyperglycemia, severe
  • diabetes mellitus
  • seizures
  • priapism
  • stroke
  • TIA
  • QT prolongation
  • hypersensitivity rxn
  • anaphylactic rxns
  • angioedema
  • erythema multiforme
  • leukopenia
  • neutropenia
  • agranulocytosis
  • suicidality
  • hypothermia
  • hyperthermia
  • neonatal extrapyramidal sx (3rd trimester)
  • neonatal withdrawal (3rd trimester)

Common Reactions

  • somnolence
  • appetite incr.
  • fatigue
  • rhinitis
  • URI
  • nausea/vomiting
  • cough
  • urinary incontinence
  • salivation
  • constipation
  • fever
  • extrapyramidal effects
  • dystonia
  • abdominal pain
  • anxiety
  • dizziness
  • dry mouth
  • tremor
  • rash
  • akathisia
  • dyspepsia
  • tachycardia
  • weight gain
  • visual disturbances
  • hyperprolactinemia
  • confusion
  • gynecomastia
  • photosensitivity

Very serious and risky drug there. I would not want anybody I knew taking that stuff! Look at the link for interactions/contraindications as well as many other facts about Risperdal.

Because she was weaning her daughter off of this dangerous psychiatric medication, and CPS arrived to remove the child from her care under the guise of “failure to medicate”. Obviously, Maryanne refused to hand her child over, and retreated into her house, barring the door. CPS called local police, Who attempted to kidnap the child from the care of her mother. (“Kidnap” because as Godboldo’s attourney pointed out, It appears that the police had no warrant or court orders to remove the child, Just a request from Child Protective Services, who’s documentation appears to be incomplete, and never approved  by a court.)

Upon opening the door to the residence, Police report being fired upon as they attempted to enter. They retreated and called a SWAT team. One cannot really blame her if, in fact she did fire upon the would be kidnappers breaking through her door to steal her daughter. However, whether she did or did not shoot a weapon is being debated throughout different media sources.

During the 10 hour showdown, Child protective services and Law enforcement made many false promises to con Maryanne into surrender. Neighbors, friends and family talked to her, trying to reach an agreement. Finally, upon the condition that the daughter be released to a relative, Maryanne gave up. The little girl was wisked away to Hawthorn Juvenile Center without any relatives and Maryanne arrested and charged with several felony crimes.

Here we are about a month later, Ariana is still in the custody of the Child Protective Services, despite many of her family being willing and able to take custody of her. Further, There are reports in local papers about abuse being inflicted upon her. The Godboldo family has filed legislation to get her back in their custody. Everything is moving in the right direction as I read it now.

The Government, CPS, Police or anybody besides parents has NO say in what you give your child when it comes to medication. We cannot allow ourselves to be goaded into poisoning our youth. Already are already lost by abortion, drugs and social pressures. Raising strong and moral children is one sure way to preserve our liberties and maintain a free society. Public school systems are not much better than political brainwashing. Keep an eye on what your kids are learning about and supplement it as well as you can if you cannot home school. Your children do NOT belong to the government and we have to get that through their heads. Don’t submit to Vaccines, Medications. Don’t tolerate your rights as parents to be second to the demands of the communist state. Do what YOU believe is best for your children, and don’t sell them short because of how convenient it is to pawn them off on the public schools.

I’d better relax. Little bit of ranting here! Thanks!

I referenced a few articles here are links to sites with more information.

>Draw your ine, Watch this video, and think. How far will you be pushed??

September 30, 2008 Leave a comment

>This is a great short film. I found it moving, and it may actually happen. Please, support all efforts to return us to a Constitutional, free nation. Elect good leaders, before it’s too late. Listen to whistle blowers, listen to dissidents! Even if the information they have is faulty, what is true is that this government is slipping away from it’s once great glory. We must do away with unconstitutional legislation, we must do away with the big money prostitutes we constantly elect! Join me in turning the nation toward liberty! Say no to the tyrannical and arbitrary new world order! We must do every thing in our power to not want to fall so far as this video portrays, but we must use violence only if absolutely necessary!

>Our last peaceful chance!

September 8, 2008 Leave a comment

>Someone posted this in a bulletin. It sounds like a great idea to me. Lets get it going. At least write your state representatives and let them know how you feel about the federal reserve and what it is doing to our country, and what it has done over the last nearly 100 years!

There is a plan afoot. To get as many groups who are proficient in organizing protests to come together as a coalition to demand an accounting from our government. No matter what your usual cause there is a great need to come together on this effort. We want to organize a massive protest in front of congress. This protest needs to have an indefinite time frame. We need to stay as long as it takes to bring this document (below) to the attention of the general public.

Every citizen in America has a stake in this. This effects all of you whether you like it or not. ALL should be behind this. If you are a activist minded individual or group, good at organizing rallies, protests, sit-ins, community action and alternitive media. you need to get behind this.

The larger this gets the more it can’t be ignored by the media or the government.

We need to call the criminals out and expose the truth. If this works it can “wake up” millions and avoid a huge cost of lives.

Everyone is always preaching change and waking up the public so now is time to bring out the big guns. Copy the below document and send it to every media outlet no matter the size. Send it to every government official that has a e-mail address or a mail box. Make it viral on the web and print it and pass it out or leave it in random public places. If the demands are everywhere they will not be able to hide from it and will be forced to address it.

It’s time to put aside all our different opinions and focus on the ONE BIG ISSUE at hand.

This could be our “line in the sand” or the trigger of the next “Shot heard round the world”. Don’t pass this opertunity up. It may be our late one at a peacful outcome.

Organize, Throw it in their faces and Demand Your Country Back!

Copy this now



https://givemeliberty. org/FreedomDrive/Redress/PetitionFed. htm

WHEREAS, on November 8th, 2002, every member of United States Congress in the House of Representatives and Senate, the President and other officials, were served with a Petition for Redress of Grievances regarding the Federal Reserve system, and

WHEREAS, such Petition for Redress was subsequently ignored, and

WHEREAS, The Constitution of the United States of America delegates to Congress alone the power to coin money and regulate the value of foreign exchange (and implicitly the currency in circulation), and

WHEREAS, The Constitution does not, by its terms or by necessary and unavoidable implication, authorize Congress to pursue any positive monetary policy or to delegate control over monetary policy to any central bank, such as the United States Federal Reserve System, and

WHEREAS, Every American citizen has an unalienable right to freedom from a government that, without the People’s prior and explicit consent, would either pursue a positive program of monetary policy or would turn over control of America’s monetary policy to any un-elected and politically unaccountable body, and

WHEREAS, on August 9, 2007, the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit erred, in relying on two inapposite decisions by the Supreme Court of the United States and holding that the Government does not have to listen or respond to Petitions for Redress of Grievances from the People, and

WHEREAS, on February 22, 2008, the Supreme Court of the United States committed treason to the Constitution by refusing to hear the First Amendment case, We The People v. United States (case No. 07- 681), calling for a judicial declaration — for the first time in history — of the Rights of the People and the obligations of the Government under the “accountability clause” of the Constitution – that is, the last ten words of the First Amendment.

WHEREAS, all men are created equal and are endowed by their “Creator” with certain unalienable rights, and

WHEREAS, if the Creator has, in fact, gratuitously provided, equipped and enriched the People with Rights, it follows that those Rights belong to the People and to the Creator, and it follows that any affront to the Constitution (as when government violates an unalienable Right) is an affront to the Creator, and

WHEREAS, if our Rights come from the Creator, only the Creator can frustrate, deny or defeat those Rights — that is, government cannot abridge what God alone has manifest and bestowed upon the People, and

WHEREAS, the Constitution of the United States of America is a strongly worded, Divinely inspired, set of principles expressly intended to govern the government, not the People, and

WHEREAS, by the terms and provisions of the written Constitution, the People have expressly established their government and empowered it to act in only certain ways, while purposely and patently restricting and prohibiting it in other certain ways, and

WHEREAS, the Constitution of the United States of America guarantees to every American citizen and to those lawfully on our soil, the unalienable Rights to Life, Liberty, Property, Privacy and to Due Process of Law as well as other Rights, enumerated or not, and

WHEREAS, the Constitution prohibits and restricts the federal Government from infringing upon those Rights, and

WHEREAS, each of the Constitution’s prohibitions and restrictions on government’s authority is, in fact, another unalienable Right enjoyed by every American citizen and to those individuals lawfully upon our soil, and

WHEREAS, the People of this nation are entitled, by Right, to a Constitutionally valid form of money and system of national monetary policy as well as the protection of their other Constitutionally protected unalienable Rights,

Now therefore:

WE THE PEOPLE hereby Petition the Executive and Legislative branches of the federal Government, yet again, for Redress of Grievances Relating to the abuses of the Federal Reserve System.

WE THE PEOPLE find ourselves, once again, in the position of having to admit that in every stage of our oppression we have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms, our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury, and that a Government that ignores its People is unfit to be the ruler of a free People.

WE THE PEOPLE, by and through the unalienable Right guaranteed by First and Ninth Amendments to the Constitution of the United States of America, instruct the President and each member of Congress to honor their oaths of office and their constitutional obligation by responding to this Petition for Redress, providing formal, specific answers to the questions contained herein, no later than (40) forty days reckoning from the date of service of this Petition for Redress.

WE THE PEOPLE reaffirm the essential principle underlying our system of governance, as expressed by the Founders, “whenever the ends of government are perverted, and public liberty manifestly endangered, and all other means of redress are ineffectual, the people may, and of right ought to reform the old, or establish a new government, for the doctrine of nonresistance against arbitrary power, and oppression, is absurd, slavish, and destructive of the good and happiness of mankind.” See Declaration of Independence and the New Hampshire Constitution, Article 10.

WE THE PEOPLE reaffirm the essential principle underlying our system of governance, as expressed by the Founders, that “If money is wanted by Rulers who have in any manner oppressed the People, they may retain it until their grievances are redressed, and thus peaceably procure relief, without trusting to despised petitions or disturbing the public tranquility” and “how efficacious its [the privilege of giving or withholding our money] intercession for redress of grievances and establishment of rights, and how improvident would be the surrender of so powerful a mediator.” (Journals of the Continental Congress, 1:105-113 and Jefferson’s papers 1:225).

WE THE PEOPLE instruct the President and each member of Congress to respond to this Petition by providing formal, specific answers to the following questions:


Do you admit that our government, the United States of America, does not own any of the stock in the Federal Reserve Banks?

2. Do you admit that the Federal Reserve System consists of a Board of Governors in Washington D.C.

, plus a group of privately held (but privately and publicly administered) Corporations, including 12 main banks and 32 regional branch banks?


Do you admit that the President, with the advice and consent of the Senate, appoints all
seven members of the Federal Reserve Board?


Do you admit that the Federal Reserve’s member banks are controlled by private individuals and corporations, often acting in concert, that receive profits from their ownership and operation of our country’s monetary system?


Do you admit that the Federal Reserve Board is a government agency or instrumentality?

6. Do you admit that for the first twenty years, Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) had to be redeemed in lawful money by Reserve Banks and member banks (12 U.S.C. Section 411); or, failing redemption, the United States could assert a lien on all the Reserve banks’ assets (12 U.S.C.

Section 413)?


Do you admit that since 1933 FRNs may be redeemed only by other FRNs?


Do you admit that our money, the Federal Reserve Notes, with the exception of minor or trivial amounts, are not backed by anything other than the federal government’s power to collect taxes?


Do you admit that since 1933 currency issues, including FRNs, have been created and are created with no external limit from nothing but paper and ink?

10. Do you admit that the assets of the Federal Reserve System are not composed of anything other than about $13.24 billion of gold certificates in the Federal Reserve Banks and Special Drawing Rights (SDRs), about $581.24 billion of U.S. securities held outright, about $76 billion in repurchase agreements (“repros”), about $144.8 billion in loans, and about $70.

13 billion of premises and equipment of the Federal Reserve Banks themselves and other assets or, do you believe the Federal Reserve System owns or has claims to assets that the System does not list in its normal public disclosures?


Do you admit that the total assets of the Federal Reserve equals about

4 billion?

12. Do you admit that all gold owned by the Federal Reserve System was handed over to the Treasury Department in 1934 and that the Federal Reserve received certificates for the gold and carries these certificates as assets at $42.

22 per ounce ($11 billion total value)?


Do you admit that the Federal Reserve System’s 12 main and 32 branch banks obtain Federal Reserve currency notes from the Bureau of Printing and Engraving for approximately two cents per piece of paper, regardless of denomination, and uses them to purchase Treasury debt for which the Treasury is liable for the full face amount of each bill, note or bond, plus interest?

14 Do you admit that, except for discounted bills, by selling a $100 US Treasury Security to the Federal Reserve, the federal government is agreeing to pay the Federal Reserve the full amount of the principal of the Security ($100) plus an interest payment?


Do you admit that it is estimated that only $312 billion in Federal Reserve Notes are in circulation in the USA (approximately 40%)?


Do you admit that it is estimated that the other $468 billion in Federal Reserve Notes are in circulation overseas (approximately 60%)?


Do you admit the national debt, the sum total of all outstanding US Treasury Securities ( not including governmental guarantees and other contingent and conditional obligations), is approximately $9 trillion?

18. Do you admit that the $9 trillion national debt can never be paid-off with the Federal Reserve Notes if there are only $780 billion Federal Reserve Notes in circulation (absent a long-term, extraordinarily oppressive and over-burdensome system of taxation aimed at circulating the currency back into the government’s hands), i.e.

, that the supply of “currency” whether in either physical FRNs or accounting/book entries must be increased endlessly (inflation) in order to make the payments of interest and principal on both national and privately held debts that are denominated in FRNs?


Do you admit that when a worker “deposits” his paycheck in a bank or writes a check, there is NO exchange of actual FRNs and only an accounting entry takes place and that for every $1 deposited in a member bank, approximately $9 can be lent out through the Fractional Reserve Policy and, in any event, the public is never informed of the inherently unstable nature of the system?


Do you admit that whereas Federal Reserve Notes are units of exchange, bank money (credit money) is units of account, and absent laws requiring a higher reserve requirement, banks can expand deposit accounts to 9+ times exchange?


Do you admit that when a member bank lends a customer “money” it merely credits the customer’s account with a book entry, never actually depositing Federal Reserve Notes in the customer’s account?


Do you admit this is the reason why only $312 billion Federal Reserve Notes in domestic circulation have been pyramided to support a $14 trillion dollar economy?


Do you admit that when the Federal Reserve Act was passed (on Christmas Eve) in 1913, Federal Reserve Notes became one of four forms of competing currency (specie, treasury notes or greenbacks, national bank notes and FRNs)?


Do you admit that in 1933, Congress passed a law making Federal Reserve Notes “legal tender,” thereby transferring the power to coin and issue our nation’s money from Congress to the Federal Reserve?


Do you admit that in 1933 (revised in 1935), Congress passed a law purportedly transferring the power to regulate interest rates and thereby the relative value of money, from Congress to the Federal Open Market Committee (currently comprised of up to 7 members of the Board of Governors and up to 5 voting representatives of Federal Reserve Banks)?


Do you admit that our country now borrows what should be our own money from the Federal Reserve (a “private” corporation that is, in fact, heavily politically influenced by the President through the Secretary of the Treasury), paying interest for the privilege?


Do you admit that the Secretary of the Treasury and the Federal Reserve have knowledge of and has acted in close coordination with the Treasury Department’s Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) to manipulate and suppress the price of gold in an effort to keep the perceived value of the dollar relatively high?


Do you admit that the Secretary of the Treasury and the Federal Reserve have acted in close coordination with the central banks and governments of foreign nations to suppress the price of gold?


Do you admit that a portion of the ownership of the Federal Reserve is held by foreign entities and that the current statutes allow for ownership of a controlling interest in its Federal Reserve Bank stock?


Do you admit that there is a risk that there could be significant and unavoidable conflicts of interest between the private (and not insignificantly foreign) owners of the Federal Reserve Banks and the American people that are forced by law to use its FRNs?


Do you admit that the Treasury Department’s ESF has directly engaged and/or colluded with foreign governments and/or central banks to intervene in the world’s financial markets in order to manipulate market outcomes?


Do you admit similar manipulation regarding gold and equity markets?

33. Do you admit that the Treasury Department’s ESF, under U.S.

law, is held accountable only to the President and its books and records are open for public examination only through a limited degree and untimely disclosures?


Do you admit that the whole of the Federal Reserve System has never been independently audited?


Do you admit that there is a currently pending House Resolution calling for a complete audit of the Federal Reserve by the General Accounting Office?


Do you admit the Federal Reserve Board is resisting a complete audit of the books and operations regarding foreign exchange trading, government securities trading, and transactions with or for the account of foreign central banks and monetary authorities?


Do you admit the Federal Reserve interferes with the free market’s effect on the value of Federal Reserve Notes by trying to regulate the value of all Federal Reserve Notes?


Do you admit that the Federal Reserve determines the amount of money in circulation and the price of credit (including mortgage and car loan rates)?


Do you admit the Federal Reserve, at its sole discretion, decides what the rate of interest will be that the federal government will pay to the Federal Reserve?


Do you admit that the Federal Reserve Board consults closely with the Secretary of the Treasury before every important monetary policy move and that Ben Bernanke consults with the Secretary of the Treasury before each Federal Open Market Committee meeting?


Do you admit that under Article 1 Sections 1 and 8 of the federal Constitution, only Congress, which comprises only the Senate and the House of Representatives, has the power to coin money (silver and gold coin) and regulate the value thereof?


Do you admit that no provision of the Constitution gives Congress the authority to transfer any powers granted under the Constitution to a private corporation?


Do you admit that the Federal Reserve Board is repugnant to the Constitution?


Do you admit that the Federal Reserve Banks are repugnant to the Constitution?


Do you admit the Constitution specifically states that the enumeration of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the People, and that the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the People (ninth and tenth amendments)?


Do you admit the United States of America is not just one more undifferentiated trading outpost in some great global economy?


Do you admit the United States of America belongs to We The People?


Do you admit the medium of exchange, that is, the money we use in our country, is an instrumental element of national sovereignty and is supposed to be under our control?

49. Do you admit that if our government needed to spend more money than it is taking in, the Treasury does not have to use the Federal Reserve System – the government could print the additional money, put it into circulation and withdraw it as necessary — i.e.

, that we do not have to borrow our own money from any central bank?


Do you admit the Federal Reserve System has never been declared constitutional by the Supreme Court?


Do you admit there has never been a Supreme Court case regarding the constitutionality of the Federal Reserve System?


Do you admit that all elected officials are required to take an oath of office to support the Constitution?


Do you admit that to the extent that Congress enacts or facilitates avoidance of clear and explicit language of the Constitution that Congress is undermining the Constitution?


Do you admit certain elected and appointed officials, including the President, elected members of the Congress, and appointed members of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System are guilty of aiding and abetting the undermining of clear and explicit language of my Constitution?


Do you admit this fits the common definition of tyranny?


Admit or deny that the Founders, in the 1774 Journals of the Continental Congress, expressly articulated the following:

“If money is wanted by Rulers who have in any manner oppressed the People,
they may retain it until their grievances are redressed, and thus peaceably procure relief, without trusting to despised petitions or disturbing the public tranquility.

1774, Journals of the Continental Congress,1:105-113 [emphasis added]

57. Admit or deny that one of the most precious Rights the People enjoy is a government strictly limited by written Laws and that where Law is found to be wanting, no man can be Free.

Respectfully submitted this ______ day of ___________________ , 200__ by:

First Name

Last Name
City State