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Survival Tip: Pack it up!

April 12, 2011 Leave a comment

You never know what’s looming on the horizon, It is a very good idea to have a few contingency plans ready for various scenarios.

 One very easy, relatively inexpensive precaution you can take is to prepare a bug-out bag for everyone in your family and throw it in a closet, under a bed, anywhere you can grab it quickly, but is out of the way. Natural disaster, emergency evacuations, civil unrest, even loss of employment or power outage. There are lots of reasons to get some plans together, and no reasons not to!

This bug-out bag should contain basics for survival:

– At least 72 hours of food and water, One gallon per day is ideal, but not really realistic. Make sure to include iodine tablets, filters or other means of purifying water you find along the way.

– Clothing sutable for adverse conditions, Plan for it to be colder than you normal conditions Long sleeved, lightweight shirts protect from sunburn.

– Reduntant fire starting gear. Lighters, matches, flint, candles, etc.. Dont forget tinder.

– Wool and reflective emergency blankets

– Communications, handheld radio, signal mirror, old cell phones will still dial 911 without service…

– A good sized utility/hunting knife and folding blade pocket knife or multitool.

– Identification and important documents,

– Notebook and writing utensils,

– Medicines and prescriptions for at least three days.

– Flashlight and batteries, LED’s are nice because of their extended battery and bulb life.

– Toilet paper, also makes a decent kindling. roll it up tight and put it in a ziploc bag!

– Items you are comfortable with for self defense (Handgun, Pepper spray, collapsable baton)

 See, it’s Easy and usually doable with what you already have around the house! When you get the basics together, see what room you have left and add other items as you see a need. Best of luck my friends. Feel free to post any comments or questions!